Our aim is for everyone who comes here to have an enjoyable, comfortable and safe visit. Accidents can never be completely eliminated but by observing the following rules, your active supervision and applying common sense, risks are minimised:

    • Although the play areas are sometimes monitored by trained staff, children must be supervised by, and remain the responsibility of, their
      parents/guardians at all times. (Please note that in the event of a fire/emergency evacuation parents/guardians should not enter the play
      areas to find their child/children – staff will evacuate the play areas).
    • We genuinely wish for parents/guardians to relax and enjoy their visit to Hickory Dickory’s. However, there is no substitute for parents/guardians taking an active role to ensure the children enjoy their play and allow other children to do the same. If the child in your care becomes too tired, hot or aggressive you are best placed to deal with the issue.
    • Children must be under the age of 12 (and under 4ft 11” or 150cm) to enter the junior play area and under the age of 5 to enter the
      toddler play area.
    • Only food and drink that has been purchased from Hickory Dickory’s (except for baby food) can be consumed on the premises. For the avoidance of misunderstanding, we advise that visitors do not bring such items into the centre or we will ask for us to keep such items at reception while you are with us.
    • Guardians must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Children between the ages of 12 and 17 are welcome to accompany younger children to Hickory Dickory’s when also accompanied by the younger child’s parent/guardian but are not permitted to enter the play areas.
    • Proof of age may be requested by staff.
    • During busy times admission to Hickory Dickory’s will be limited to 2 hours.
    • We require a ratio of at least 1 adult to 6 children (preferably 1 to 5 for children’s parties).
    • Access to the sports pitch and race car track is sometimes restricted during organised parties
    • Please note the additional rules for the race car track
    • Parents/Guardians are permitted to enter the play areas to supervise and assist a child in their care but they should be mindful of the enjoyment and safety of other children and not play on the equipment.
    • Children and parents/guardians must remove any sharp objects, jewellery, pens, buckles, chains, watches, money, metal pinned badges, head scarf pins, etc before entering the play areas. We also recommend the removal of spectacles. Glassware must not be taken in the play areas or left in the circulation areas.
    • Our customer microwave can be used to carefully heat baby food/feed or our cafe can assist but very hot water or other hot or hazardous substances are not be permitted in the play centre.
    • Children and parents/guardians must remove their shoes before entering the play areas, and for hygiene and safety reasons socks must be worn.
    • Climbing the external frame and netting of the play frames is not permitted and could cause very serious injury.
    • Climbing on the slides is not permitted.
    • Children must not deliberately throw ball pit balls at anyone and all ball pit and cannon balls should be left in the play areas.
    • The run off areas of the slides should be exited as soon as possible and not be re-entered.
    • Only one child is permitted to use a trampoline at any one time and no somersaults should be undertaken.
    • No food, sweets, drink (especially not hot drinks) or chewing gum may be taken into the play areas or consumed in the circulation areas
    • It is advisable for children and parents/guardians to wear long sleeve tops that can be tucked in during play. Man-made fabrics are more likely to incur friction damage, particularly on the slides. Use of slides can result in friction burns and damage to clothing.
    • Children who are unwell must not use the play facilities.
    • Please report any accident or injury to a member of our trained staff. Our staff have access to first aid facilities.
    • Please use the baby changing room provided in the toilet area and refrain from changing nappies in any other part of the premises.
    • Please do not take photographs involving children not in your care without obtaining the permission of their parent/guardian.
    • Parents/Guardians must not leave the premises without the child/children in their care.
    • Please be courteous to, and mindful of, the enjoyment, comfort and safety of other visitors to Hickory Dickory’s and our staff, and seek to set a good example to children.
    • Running or physical play is not permitted in the seating areas.
    • Please listen to and abide by the requests of our trained staff.
    • If a child is thought to be playing in a way that makes accidents more likely or misbehaving (e.g. pushing, kicking, punching, spitting, swearing), preferably please do not tackle them or their parents directly but rather raise your  concerns with a member of staff.
    • If a child in your care plays in a way that makes accidents more likely, please support us in what we do to maintain a safe environment. Our staff will ask children to behave sensibly and if necessary we will call them out of the play areas to speak to them appropriately.
    • Please place litter in the bins provided and report any spillages or mess to a member of staff immediately to help us maintain a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment.
    • Unless in the event of a fire/emergency evacuation visitors must only use the main entrance. All other exits are permanently alarmed.
    • Smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted in any part of the premises.
    • Hickory Dickory’s accepts no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to persons or their property while on the premises (including the car park area).
    • Hickory Dickory’s reserves the right to refuse entry or request a child or parents/guardians to vacate the play areas and the premises (without refund) for reasons of behaviour or health and safety. Hickory Dickory’s also reserves the right to take action against visitors in respect of damage relating to negligent behaviour and flouting of rules of entry & play

Thankyou for your custom. If you have any queries regarding these rules please do not hesitate to see a member of staff